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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm



Mami Japanese Calligraphy:Eishun


Kids Class 

Mainly for the kids who is comfortable with Japanese Language.

+5years old.

日本習字教育財団を通しクラス展開をしております。(日本習字 カルガリー支部)


週1回、1時間 お習字と硬筆 (級段取得可能)



Mon. Wed. Thu. 
4:00-5:00pm(Mon. Wed. and Thu.) or
5:00-6:00pm ( Mon. and Wed.)

monthly |月謝


初回無料体験 60mins (1st time) free trial

Morning Adult Class

Once a month morning class. Learning the basics of calligraphy and make art piece. Every 2month different theme.
Relax and enjoy the art of Japanese Calligraphy!

月1 回  1時間半のクラスです。


Sep 4 (wed) and 5 (Thu)  10:30am~12:00pm   

Seal stamp class 落款印作り

$40 (member $35)

Sep 11 (Wed)  or 12 (Thu) 10:30am-12:00pm

$25 絵-コスモス

October 16,17 10:30am-12:00pm

$25 写経

November 13,14 10:30am-12:00pm

$25 お正月 お飾り作り 

December 11,12 10:30am-12:00pm

$25 お正月お飾り作り

Evening Adult Class

Learn the Basics of Japanese Calligraphy, Beginners welcome!

Teach in English and Japanese

This class is designed for students who want to improve their technique for Japanese Calligraphy.

also includes the opportunity to make a specific piece for entry in a future our art exhibition.

It include the chance to make their own stone seal/ stamp that they can then use  for your piece.

Beginners welcome! You can join anytime

​$90 (3 classes per month)

Thursdays 10:30-11:45 am

                    18:00-19:15 pm 

October 10,17,24 

November 7,14,21 


Japanese Calligraphy by corespondance

Learn, study and practice on your own time, at your own pace and in your favorite place!

Available by semester.

Beginners welcome. Join anytime!

Calligraphy tools and materials available for purchase.


One day Painting Class

Mom and kid(s) painting class available. Please contact  

Also, adults, kids classes are available.





Summer Camp 2019


Japanese Calligraphy, ink paintings, crafts related to Japanese culture, and a  lots of fun! Enjoy Japanese Calligraphy! 

4 days Camp

Aug. 13、14、15、16

Aug.  20、21、22、23

1:00-3:30 pm


Born and raised in Kagoshima, Japan, Mami began her Japanese Calligraphy study at age 6 with Minami-nihon Syodo Kyoukai . In 2002, she received her Japanese Calligraphy Instructor (Shihan-Master) certification from Nihon Shuji Calligraphy, Tokyo, Japan, and established her art and calligraphy company “Sho Artworks” the same year.  Her Japanese Calligraphy school is named "Eisyun Shodo-Kai" (瑛春書道会) after her alias, Eishun ( 雅号:瑛春). As a prize winner in many renowned arts exhibitions, Mami held her solo exhibitions in both Kagoshima, Japan (2001) and Calgary, Alberta, Canada (2004).  Mami’s passion to pass on the culture of Japanese Calligraphy has prompted her to share her knowledge and expertise to diverse audiences (i.e. teachers, students, calligraphy lovers) in educational institutions and public events (i.e. Japanese Consulate-General of Japan, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, Alberta Board of Education, Calgary Japanese Language School, Calgary Buddhist Temple and Illuminasia at the Calgary Zoo).

雅号: 瑛春 6歳より書道を始め南日本書道協会、日本習字教育財団を経て書道師範免許取得。
南九州水墨画展入賞(2004) 日本習字 観峰賞多数
日本、海外でアートを学び2002年にカナダ、カルガリーにてSho Artworks設立。


プレゼンデーションなど(在カルガリー日本国領事館、資生堂、カルガリー大学、マウントロイヤル大学、CBE カルガリーパブリックスクール、カルガリー動物園 他多数)今までの経験を生かし、たくさんの人に日本文化、書の楽しさを伝えられたらと活動中。

 -Matsushita Museum Sponsorship South Kyushu black-and-white ink drawing exhibition winning prize
松下美術館主催 南九州水墨画展入賞(2004)

- Minami Nippon Jyoryu Art exhibition Oil painting winning prize  
南日本女流美術展ー油絵 入賞(1992)

-Nihonsyu-ji Kampo Prize 
日本習字教育財団 観峰賞 多数

-White brush Fellowship of Calligraphy Joint Exhibition (2018) 

合同書道展示会 カルガリー(2018)

-Calligraphy and Seal Arts Exhibition 

書道、篆刻 展示会 カルガリー(2018)

- Solo Exhibition in Kagoshima, Japan

 個展 ”Roots" 東條画廊 鹿児島 (2001)

- Solo Exhibition Steeps Tea house, Calgary 

個展 スティープス カルガリー (2004)


2019 Speing Festival Exhibition

迎春まつり 展示会

1/26-2/3 2019

@Calgary Chinese Culture Center 

Japanese Calligraphy Performance

at The Fernie Museum, Fernie BC :

June 15, 2019







Calgary Summer Omatsuri Festival

at the Max bell centre, Calgary :

July 12, 2019


Our demonstration is at 11:00am, indoor stage


Alberta Culture Day Calligraphy Exhibition

September 28,29 2019

Demonstration @ 1:00pm 

@ Calgary Chinese Culture Centre 

197 1 St SW Calgary AB 

Calgary Japanese Community centre -monument wall for founders 

2236-29 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3E 2K2

Order Made / Request 

Meimei-syo 命名書

This is a Japanese tradition, write your baby's name to bring them good luck. 

Order made request

Mami will write your favourite words.

Use good quality Japanese paper and ink. 

Event request

School sessions, events etc...
Feel free to contact


Kensington Area N.W. Calgary